In 2013, Councilman Carlton Soules was re-elected with 74% of the vote to represent District 10 on the San Antonio City Council.  Located in Northeast San Antonio, District 10 is an economically and politically diverse area with a population of 135,000. It is comprised of residential neighborhoods, commercial corridors, and light industrial complexes.

Councilman Soules is the strong conservative voice on council. His philosophy for city governance is simple:  The city must live within its means.  Council should focus first on providing good basic services to the citizens. In addition, Council should work to reduce the burden on our tax and rate payers whenever possible.  Finally, Councilman Soules believes we should all strive to make San Antonio a safe, prosperous, and friendly community to do business and to raise a family.

Councilman Soules has used his business and analytical experience to push back against dubious tax and rate increases.  He has demanded accountability from inefficient city bureaucracies. He has challenged wasteful pet projects that divert funding away from core services such as police, fire, EMS, roads, code compliance, libraries and parks.

At the district level, Carlton’s top priority has been the protection of neighborhoods.   He has worked with multiple city departments to strengthen code enforcement and reduce the time it takes to fix violations.  He championed the creation of city drop off centers for bulky waste which is now reducing illegal dumping in neighborhoods.  Most importantly, Carlton spearheaded revitalization initiatives for older suburban corridors. These efforts are bringing major investors, retailers, and jobs back to aging parts of the district and are positively impacting adjacent neighborhoods.

Councilman Soules also recognizes we have a large and rapidly growing senior population in the district. Working closely with the senior community, he secured funding for a new Senior Center which will open in 2015 in District 10. This 30,000 square foot, state of the art facility, designed and built from the ground up specifically for seniors, will be a first of its kind in Texas.  Focused on the well being of seniors through fellowship, nutrition, exercise, computer training, volunteer outreach, and many other areas, this center will help our valuable seniors stay active and engaged in our community.

From a broader citywide perspective, Councilman Soules has led the way on several key initiatives.  He put together a team comprised of City, Tex-Dot, and local military leaders to compete for a Defense Department grant to improve mobility into military medical facilities. This effort resulted in a $25 million grant for I-35 improvements into Fort Sam Houston, SAMC.  Additionally, the inspirational vision of TAPS Memorial Boulevard,  which will improve mobility and honor our fallen heroes buried at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, is a major step closer to reality. Now that it is a shovel ready project, Councilman Soules is working with the City, MPO, Tex-Dot, and Congressional leaders to bring this critical project to conclusion.

Most recently, the Councilman Soules authored a Council Consideration Request, signed by four of his colleagues and unanimously approved by the Mayor’s Governance Committee, calling for the creation of a Veteran Owned Small Business Program or VSOP. Another first for a large Texas municipality, this program will help veteran owned businesses compete for city contracts.  The city will be required to do outreach, set goals, and provide points in the city’s contract scoring system for veteran owned businesses.  As a military friendly city, we want everyone to know we are proud of our veterans and we want to help them succeed in their business ventures.

Finally, disturbed by witnessing a process in which the voices of citizens were being ignored, Councilman Soules authored a Charter Amendment that reformed the way council vacancies are filled.  The amendment, which was approved by an overwhelming 80% of the voters in 2012, calls for vacancies to be filled by special election in a district, rather than having the Mayor and remaining Council members hand pick a replacement for that District.  San Antonio voters are now ensured that they will pick their own representatives.

Councilman Soules entered the political area after a successful career in the food brokerage industry, where he helped grow a family business into a large regional company employing nearly a thousand employees.  A sixth generation Texan and native to San Antonio who attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Carlton has been deeply involved in neighborhood leadership and has served on numerous city and civic boards, commissions, and committees for the past 20 years.  He and his wife, Laura, have raised two wonderful children and are committed to making San Antonio a place of opportunity, not only for their own children and future grandchildren, but for all of the hard working citizens who are proud to call San Antonio home.


  • Past Board Officer, Heather Condominiums, District 10
  • Past President, Idlewood Condominiums, District 10
  • Past Board Officer, Northwood HOA, District 10
  • Past President, Puente Vista Condominiums, Corpus Christi
  • Past President and current board member, Mary Mont HOA, District 10


  • San Antonio Food Bank Board
  • District 10 1999 Bond Election Committee
  • Three years as a civilian member on the State Bar of Texas Grievance Committee
  • San Antonio Local Development Company
  • San Antonio Housing Authority
  • Austin Highway Revitalization Project
  • San Antonio Parks and Recreation Board


  1. Public Safety - Chair
  2. City Investment
  3. Intergovernmental Relations
  4. AACOG